Do you have any time limits?
No, we do not have any time limits. We are yours for the day.

Do I get the rights to my images?
Yes, you get full rights to your full resolutions images. You will receive your full resolution images on a flash drive with a copyright release.

What are the difference between your packages?
While all of our packages include unlimited coverage, all rights to your full resolution images, all your full resolution images on a flash drive, a proof catalogue, and the posting of your wedding images to a website. The difference in our packages is the album. For more information view our albums page.

Can I upgrade packages later?
You can upgrade packages any time before your album had been designed.

What is a proof catalogue?
The proof catalogue is a hardbound book containing thumbnails of all your wedding photos with file numbers below them. This serves as an index for the images on the flash drive.

When should I schedule my engagement session?
You should schedule your engagement session at least two weeks before your wedding to ensure the signature book or signature portrait is ready in time for you wedding

When should I order my album?
You should order your album within twelve months of your wedding date. If you do not order your album within twelve months of your wedding date additional fees may apply.

How many photographs do I need to select for my album?
The number of photographs you need to select for your wedding album varies depending on which package you chose. If you chose the Galleria Package, you need to select about 50 photographs. If you chose the Renaissance Package, you need to select about 65 photographs. If you chose the Soho Art Package, you need to select 75 photographs.

How long does it take to get my album after I order it?
After you submit your photograph selections, it takes about 2-3 weeks to design your album. Then we will send you a PDF of the album for your approval. Once you approve of the design it takes 6-8 weeks to receive your album.

Can I request changes to my album design?
Yes, we want you to be happy. You can request changes to the design of your album before it is printed and bound.

How much is the deposit and when is the balance due?
The deposit is 30% of the total. This is due when you book David Allen Studios for your wedding. The remainder is due 7 days before your wedding.

Do you offer discounts for military members?
We appreciate the service to our country preformed by the U.S. armed forces and gladly offer them a 10% discount.

Do you accept credit cards, checks, or money orders?
Yes, we accept credit cards, checks, money orders, or cash.